ADDITIONAL concerns have been raised regarding the impact of the Environment Agency’s (EA) proposed flood alleviation scheme in Caversham.

The multi-million-pound scheme in North Reading includes a combination of flood walls, embankments and temporary flood barriers.

The controversial proposal has resulted in the formation of opposition groups who are calling for less environmental impact.

Campaigner Paul Goddard expressed his disapproval at a council meeting, last month.

He said: “There has been no reported property damage attributed to the River Thames flooding, but the EA are proposing measures that will drastically affect the environment.”

Concerns raised included the removal of trees from the area, which Mr Goddard believes will have a “detrimental effect in regard of pollution and should be avoided”.

He also believes that the conveyance channel, a permanent waterway designed to carry stormwater, will destroy the play park and become a hazard to children.

He said: “The proposals appear to be at odds with what is expected of the EA. You would think that they would want to protect the environment not destroy it.”

Councillor Tony Page, lead member for Strategic Environment, Planning and Transport, referred Mr Goddard to their next committee meeting where the concerns will be discussed further.

The meeting is due to take place on July 9.