THIS is the heartwarming moment pop star Kylie Minogue met Thatcham twins Sophie and Lauren Cripps backstage before a concert, where they enjoyed singing 'Dancing' together.

Back in February, the girls' father, Lee, posted a video of his daughters singing the song to their mother Alex the day before she died of a brain tumour.

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The tweet said: "Our girls singing to their mummy, the day before she died.

"Alex died on 10th Jan 2019.

"Really want @kylieminogue to see this, to see how much her music means to us as a family and I would love for our girls to meet her.

"Please RT in the hope it reaches her."

The video has since been viewed more than 53,000 times and Mr Cripps was delighted to get a response.

Minogue responded: "Lee, thank you for sharing this tender moment of your girls singing to Alex.

"I’m so touched and so very sorry for your loss.

"Sending you and your girls lots of love."

Kylie later arranged for the eight-year-olds to see her backstage at her concert at Blenheim Palace on Sunday, June 23.

Mr Cripps said: "We already had had tickets when Alex was around to see Kylie at Blenheim Palace.

"I recently received an email from the management team, where I was told that Kylie wants to meet us.

"I kept it a surprise from the girls, so had to make sure they were all dressed up, which isn't ideal for a concert! "The first inkling they got was when they were waiting outside and someone said 'Kylie is ready for you'.

"They said 'what is Kylie ready for?' and I said 'what do you think?'

"Then we went and met her."

Mr Cripps said he wasn't expecting Kylie to start singing with the girls, but she got her band and backing singers out of makeup to come and join in.

"Leading up to it we had been listening to the songs, and in the car on the way there," he added.

"I knew it might come in useful but of course they had no idea.

"It was a lovely moment.

"We spent about 20 minutes with Kylie - it felt like they had all the time in the world for the girls.

"Even as we left, she gave me a proper hug and said 'sorry about your wife.'

"She didn't have to do that a she had already finished meeting us and we were leaving - it was very genuine of her.

"Then we had a great time at the concert - the girls sang their hearts out and telling everyone sitting near us where we had been and who we had met."

Lee runs a Facebook blog about the journey the family has been on, and to raise awareness and funds for brain tumour charities.

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