A FATHER and son from Winnersh recently took part in an exciting Father's Day charity video to quash negative perceptions of Down Syndrome.

Wouldn't Change a Thing aims campaigns to make old ideas about Down Syndrome a thing of the past.

In March 2018, the #wouldntchangeathing hashtag was popularised by the viral video '50 Mums - 50 Kids - 1 Extra Chromosome', which now regarded to be among the most popular viral videos in history after racking up more than 380 million views on social media and becoming headline news in more than 30 countries.

This Father's Day, a group of dads thought they could give the mums a run for their money.

They wanted to show that children with Down Syndrome are loved and accepted every bit as much by their dads and that, just like the mums, they "Wouldn’t Change a Thing".

The group of fathers enlisted Paramount Pictures, who had been supporters of the cause after seeing the original viral video last year.

Paramount subsequently invited the families to a film premiere in London’s Leicester Square, where a new friendship was born between the newly formed Wouldn’t Change a Thing Charity and the century-old film company.

One-year-old Noah, who has Down Syndrome, and his dad Dean from Winnersh are part of the video.

Noah attends nursery in Twyford.

Jamie McCallum, the project leader of the 'Dads Don't Count Chromosomes' project, said: "We knew we'd never be able to match the mums' ability to tug on the heart strings of the world, so we went for some good-humoured competition instead! "Dads who have children with additional needs are extremely under-represented and under-supported in this world, and play a huge part in advocating for our children.

"We wanted to take the opportunity to shout from the rooftops how much our children are loved and welcome in our lives and how, just like the mums, we wouldn’t change a thing."

Father's Day also marked the charity’s first birthday.

After only a year, the fledgling Down Syndrome organisation is working with schools, hospitals, universities and other external agencies such as the World Health Organisation to improve international human rights standards for those with learning disabilities.

Dean and Noah are one of two father/son duos in the area who took part in the Wouldn't Change a Thing Video this Father's Day.

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