An army veteran from Reading who crept into a sleeping woman's hotel room, got into bed with her - and her boyfriend - before sexually assaulting her, has been jailed for more than five years.

Ade Jerry met his victim, then 26, for the first time on a night out, where they were celebrating a mutual friend's birthday.

A judge heard that when the victim and her boyfriend had returned to their Reading hotel room they had fallen asleep and had not seen Jerry entering their room after lying to hotel staff that he needed to collect some belongings to gain access.

Prosecuting, Simon Wilshire said: “The victim came to Reading with her boyfriend and was staying at the Novotel hotel to go out for the evening.

“She was introduced to Mr Jerry in her friend’s hotel room through a mutual acquaintance.

"Following a good night out, she returned to her hotel room with her boyfriend.

“On March 24 last year she woke up in darkness and saw a figure by her bed and assumed it was her boyfriend."

He described how, when the victim had felt someone touching her, she had believed it was her boyfriend.

Mr Wilshire added: "She then realised her boyfriend was behind her and it was someone in bed with them who had sexually assaulted her.

"She and her boyfriend sprang out of bed and left the hotel room and contacted police."

The couple had fled to their car, where the victim had told her boyfriend what had happened, the court heard, and then shortly afterwards the boyfriend received a call from Jerry, who asked what was the problem.

Jerry had been ejected from the hotel by staff and, as he was leaving, he had shouted: "Anything they are saying is not true."

Judge Edward Burgess QC told Jerry: "In reality, as the jury's verdict confirmed, you were the liar.

"Wholly uninvited and unwelcome, in an act of deliberate deceit, you gained entry to the hotel room where the victim and her boyfriend were staying that morning.

"Once in the room, you sexually assaulted the victim.

"While you lay there, she must surely have appeared to you as asleep.

"You went on to touch her sexually.

"You did so in circumstances where it ought to have been perfectly plain to you that she was not consenting and by reason of her condition, could not have consented."

Jerry, of Rimaud House, Iliffe Close, Reading, was sentenced to five years and four months imprisonment.

He had been the defendant in a trial which opened on January 22, accused of three separate sex offences from three different incidents involving three alleged victims, including the victim in this case.

A jury convicted him of one count of assault by penetration and he was acquitted of one of the offences on Thursday, and the other offence had been dropped.

The two allegations Jerry was acquitted of were one in January 15 last year, where he was accused of rape and oral penetration at the Genting casino in Reading.

He had argued he and the woman had had consensual sex in the casino toilets.

He was also was accused of assault by penetration and oral penetration without consent on September 16 last year, where he had driven a woman, aged 21, to a remote riverside field between the upmarket towns of Henley-on-Thames and Marlow, Buckinghamshire, before allegedly engaging in sexual acts which she alleged she did not consent to.

He was acquitted of this allegation.

Olajide Adebola Lanlehin, defending Jerry, told the court he had served for many years in the army, undertaking two combat tours in Afghanistan in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

The father-of-two was suffering with post traumatic stress disorder, the court heard, and had been drinking to excess in a way that interfered with the medication he was taking for the condition.

Judge Burgess QC, addressing the other two allegations made against Jerry, said: "Whilst I emphasise that I put those facts firmly from my mind in coming to this sentence, those facts demonstrate, putting it mildly, some blurred thinking on your part in terms of the proper bounds of behaviour."

The judge, sitting at Reading Crown Court, urged him to seek proper treatment for his PTSD and to get help to stop him committing future offences.