Revitalise for Carers Week

June 10 marked the start of Carers Week, an important date in our calendar as we recognise the 6.5 millions carers living in the UK. It is estimated that unpaid carers save the economy £60bn per year.

That’s why, as a charity we are passionate to do all we can to support unpaid carers and ensure they all have access to good quality respite.

I work for Revitalise, an amazing national charity that creates holidays for disabled people and carers at our three accessible respite holiday centres in Chigwell in Essex, Southampton and Southport.

Many carers dedicate their entire life to looking after those they love. For these people, their own happiness and well-being is determined by the happiness of those they care for. An estimated 6,000 people take on caring responsibilities every day. That’s why, I’d like to take a moment to reassure your readers that we are here to help.

Revitalise is a place where carers and their loved ones can come at the times when they need us the most and simply spend time together. Carers can choose to accompany their loved one or enjoy a break elsewhere. Either way they can hand over the caring role to us and have a rest. Our centres are open to our guests all year round, and we have hardship funding for those that need it. We passionately believe that everybody deserves a break and are determined that nobody should miss out on the opportunity for financial reasons.

To find out more about Revitalise, our breaks, or ways that we may be able to support you please visit: or call: 0303 303 0145.

Abby Kessock-Philip, Revitalise

Father’s Day Rainbow aid

This Father’s Day, on June 16, I will celebrate every second with my sons Arthur, Marcel and Eddie, because I know how lucky I am.

In 2017, my family’s hopes and dreams were blown away when Arthur, then eight, was diagnosed with leukaemia. Ordinary life disappeared in a flash. Suddenly we had to find a ‘new normal’. We could only plan for the next five minutes, the next step, the next test or the next hospital procedure.

This experience, however, changed us for the better. We have met so many amazing people, including Janet, our Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker, who has been an essential part of Arthur’s recovery.

Supporting the whole family through highs and lows, we could not imagine coping without her.

We have lost some courageous children along the way, so we celebrate everything now, including Arthur’s ‘end of treatment bell’ anniversary. We are really grateful that he’s had what feels like a second chance.

Roy Styles, address withheld