THEALE Parish Council will formally object to the plans to build 110 new homes on the west side of the village.

The houses are planned for the triangle of land between the A340 and the Green.

Parish councillors voted on Monday to object to the plans, because of concerns about infrastructure, parking, and safety for pedestrians.

Councillor Alan Clark said: “That area can’t hold the sewage it’s got now. Another 110 is out of the question. It’s ridiculous.

“What’s the doctor’s surgery going to do? They’re going to have to make it bigger and bigger. We have got to come to a point where we say enough is enough.”

Cllr Lisa Cox said: “Current residents are struggling to park. I think it’ll become a bit of a nightmare. I’m concerned for the current residents, they’re going to struggle even more.

“Families moving in will probably use Dead Man’s Lane to get to the new school, but it’s not suitable.”

The planning application was submitted by Englefield Estate. The site had been considered for the new school, but this is being built on the North Street Playing Field instead.

As well as the 110 planned homes, more than 300 are also planned for the land south of the Green and north of the Bath road. But it is unclear when building work will start for these homes.

West Berkshire councillor Alan Macro (Lib Dem, Theale) said he will ask the plans to go to committee, if approved by officers, and then recommend refusal.

Edward Crookes, estates director, said: "Having provided homes for local families for many generations, the estate is committed to playing its part in meeting housing need by providing high-quality affordable and open market homes, including homes to rent.

"The plans will also generate funds for West Berkshire Council and Theale Parish Council through the community infrastructure levy. These funds are for improvements to schools, health centres and GP surgeries, public transport, sports centres and parks and recreation, among others."

Mr Crookes said the site will generate hundreds of thousands pounds to invest in the community.