FOUR children were identified as potentially trafficked in the last year in West Berkshire, according to new figures.

The figures were revealed in a response to a freedom of information request. Two of the children were UK nationals.

West Berkshire Council chose not to comment, and did not give any details about what happened to the children after they were identified, or if anyone was prosecuted.

The council sought a care placement for only one child, a foster placement.

The anti-slavery charity Unseen submitted the request as part of a national investigation. However, they also said they would not comment on the findings.

According to the NSPCC, children can be trafficked for sexual exploitation, forced marriage, forced labour, and domestic servitude such as cleaning and cooking.

Prosecutions for child trafficking are rare, but in 2015 a new law came into force. The Modern Slavery Act brings together current offences around trafficking and slavery.

A quarter of all trafficked children go missing from local authority care, according to charity Every Child Protected Against Trafficking.