A CARE home is celebrating two years of success after it was inspired to team up with a local nursery.

Leaders at Shinfield View have taken inspiration from the Channel 4 show 'Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds' by forming a bond with Honeysuckle Day Nursery's pupils.

The benefits of intergenerational interaction have been clear to see at the care home, with residents feeling much happier since the scheme started.

It is not just the residents who have felt a difference, as the nursery children have also found it to be a worthwhile exercise.

Week by week, the children remember the different residents and seek them out when they visit.

One of the residents said: “It is a light relief and it is lovely to see them. It is one extreme to the other, old to young.

"It evokes memories of when my daughter was young, but that’s all a long time ago now.

"People are very lonely when they come in you see, but they get over it fairly quickly.”

The Tiny Feet Baby and Toddler Group runs every Wednesday morning.