A TALENTED 11-year-old from Earley will be passing on her Taekwondo gift to her very own pupils after passing a qualification to teach the sport.

Esha, who attends The Abbey Junior School, passed her UK Taekwondo Alliance Instructor Qualification and can now impart her wisdom and talent to other youngsters.

Having trained with Basingstoke Martial Arts for the past seven years, she has risen through the levels and is currently a senior first degree black belt (or the 17th level).

She trains twice a week, a total of 16 hours of Taekwondo each month.

Her aim is to reach the highest level possible, namely the Ninth Degree Black Belt.

Taekwondo is her passion.

She said: "It's one of my favourite things to do," however, she is not sure if she wants to pursue taekwondo full-time.

"I have so many careers in my mind, I don’t know which one to choose,” she explained.

Esha is excited to take on the next level in her Taekwondo, although it is a very hard level to pass.

She said: “I somehow need to break a wooden board with a spinning side kick!”