Brexit has been in the news again, however, while I have been working on this important and difficult issue, I also think it is vital that MPs keep focused on a range of other important issues.

In Reading and Woodley we face a series of challenges, including how to allow all residents to benefit from a growing economy while protecting the local environment.

I have launched a campaign to save Reading Gaol as part of my work to encourage sensible regeneration of disused brownfield land and buildings, which improves town centres and helps to protect our precious green spaces.

The prison has been empty for some time after being mothballed by the Government.

However, Ministers announced recently that the site would be sold to the highest bidder, which I think is a serious mistake, as it makes it likely that the gaol will be gutted and turned into luxury flats, or redeveloped in some other way, which puts short term profit before the interests of our community.

I would like to see the prison used as a museum and arts hub, to celebrate Oscar Wilde and Henry I, who is said to be buried there, together with other aspects of local and national history.

This is an important campaign and I have been impressed by the support and interest from a wide range of local people, to add your voice to support this, please sign the petition.

And, the choice we face about how this important site is redeveloped is in many ways similar to those faced with a number of other important sites.

In general, I think it is better for residents and local businesses if historic sites can be reused and new development takes place on brownfield land near to transport hubs like Reading Station, making better use of land, reducing congestion and transport problems and protecting precious green spaces on the edge of Reading and Woodley.

I’m working with local councillors, heritage organisations, businesses and individuals and I hope for the sake of our community that we will be able to change the minds of landowners like the Ministry of Justice and some developers, so that redevelopment celebrates our history and our community.