A HUSBAND and wife team are retiring next month after 28 years of service - forcing patients to be moved elsewhere.

Doctors Harold and Janet Chadwick will be leaving Peppard Road Surgery on June 30.

The surgery has just over 2,600 patients and these will have to be transferred to other centres.

Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has sent letters to patients, outlining the options.

Cathy Winfield, chief officer, said: “It is a significant achievement to have served a local community for 28 years.

"During that time the practice has consistently received positive feedback from patients who clearly hold the service in high regard.”

The CCG says it is likely that the majority of patients will transfer to Emmer Green and Sonning Common surgeries.

Efforts have been made over the last few months to make preparations with neighbouring surgeries to ensure a smooth transition.

Dr Winfield added: “We realise it’s not always easy for some people to have to start making arrangements to join a new practice and we are doing all we can to help.

“The size of the patient list at Peppard Road is considered too small these days to offer the full range of primary care health services and be viable in the long term.

"This is why we are now asking patients to register with another local GP practice.

“We have worked very closely over a number of months with neighbouring surgeries and are confident measures are in place for them to be able to accommodate the new patients from Peppard Road without it having a detrimental impact on services for their existing patients.”