Jeremy Corbyn paid a visit to Reading this week ahead of the European elections.

Supporters gathered at the Pakistan Community Centre on London Road for a rally with the Labour leader.

During his stay, he congratulated Ayo Sokale and Micky Leng after their success in the local elections.

Matt Rodda, Labour MP for Reading East, said: "It was absolutely amazing to have him in Reading.

"It is positive to have him visit and he has come to Reading quite a few times, which is very positive as it shows his support for the town.

"He met with lots of people and they all wanted to stop for a quick photograph. He made time for all of them, which was nice to see.

"People were really excited to meet him. It was like having a celebrity in town and it was a big success."

Mr Corbyn spoke about his hopes for the European elections and his ambition for Labour to hold both seats in Reading.

He gave a short speech, stressing the importance of taking part in the elections, as well as Labour's policies about climate change and education funding.

Rachel Eden, parliamentary candidate for Reading West, also gave a speech at the gathering, urging people to take part in the elections.

She added: "A low turnout is never a good thing, so we were encouraging people to get out and support Labour and people who are standing up for policies I believe in.

"Jeremy spoke very passionately about cuts to education and the climate crisis in Europe.

"I know I would say this, but Reading is a very important and special place. If you listen to people in Reading, you will get a variety of views.

"It was supposed to be a low-key event, but there were lots of people wanting to stop and chat with him."