Two sisters from Woodley opened a “pet hotel” in 1963, to cater for little animals who needed looking after whilst their owners were away on holiday.

Angela (15) and Valerie Axten (12) told the Chronicle:” I have always loved animals, I first thought of running a kennel, but we both found this was out of the question.”

The girls had already kept many of the smaller pets themselves and were ready to cope with the needs of up to smaller animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits and budgerigars.

Sprite the guide dog was giving a partially sighted piano-tuner Mr. W.E.Wilkins a new lease of life 55 years ago, as the pair were gradually getting to know each other.

35-year-old Mr. Wilkins, who uses buses and trains to travel to his customers, had decided after 15 years in his profession, that he needed help to get around the streets of Reading.

He explained to the Chronicle:” It was the day I walked into a tree that I decided to get dog- the last seven months have been a probationary period for both of us- I rely on Sprite to guide me around every object and he even tells me when my bus stop is coming up!”

Two passengers were taken to the Royal Berkshire Hospital after a Thames Valley double decker left the road in Burghfield and ended up in a ditch.

The No. 9 bus was saved from toppling over completely by a thick hedge, a replacement vehicle arrived after the injured passengers had been treated and they continued their journey into Reading.

Members of the famous construction family, the McAlpine’s, attended the ‘topping out’ ceremony at Reading’s new Ford dealership, Gowrings, in 1963.

After laying the highest brick on the building the Chronicle took a photo of the construction workers toasting the fact that they were already three weeks ahead of schedule.

The new factory in Basingstoke Road, Reading, was due to be completed in 35 weeks- which was already a tight deadline- hence the large smile on the face of managing director, Mr. E.G.C. Gowring in the centre of the photo.

A glamorous new hairstyle for the spring season was featured in the Chronicle, tailored (apparently) ‘just for you’.

Of course, here at Bygones we understand all the ‘lingo’ for hairdressing terms, but to achieve this follicle masterpiece the instructions were listed as:” Use 15 rollers over the top and sides of the head, pin-curls for the nape of the neck and over the ears.”

‘Cookery Corner’, as regular readers will know, is always our favourite- this week we are focussing on a new recipe for “Queen Anne’s Semolina Meringue”.

Described as a “treat for all the family”, the meringue apparently was a quick version of an old favourite and could be made for the princely sum of two shillings.