A TOWN centre chicken shop continues to be blighted by naming rows after being forced into a second rebrand.

The peri-peri restaurant on Oxford Road was previously known as Fernando’s and underwent a makeover after a dispute with Nando's.

Now, owner Azam Aziz has been served with another intellectual property rights notice and the shop will now be known as Manzano's Peri Peri.

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Fernandez Grillhouse in Leicestershire has become the latest business to question the Reading restaurant.

The first name-change saw the chicken shop called Fernandez Peri Peri, which the Leicestershire businesses was unhappy with.

The cost of the latest rebrand, which came into action on May 8, was around £6,000, while the first redesign cost £8,500.

Reading Chronicle:

Nando's previously asked the business to change its name and logo, accusing it of too many similarities with the restaurant chain’s trademarked branding.

A letter sent to the owner claimed that cockerel and chilli images, used on menus and in store, were too similar.

The new logo for Manzano's Peri Peri features a rooster inside a Manzano pepper.

The business was served with the letter from Nando's in March 2018 and ended up changing its name last July.

Changes were made, but the business continues to suffer financial setbacks, owing to the cost of rebranding.