CARING members of the Reading Stroke Support Group recently held an awareness day to raise funds and provide support to anyone who has been affected by a stroke.

James Taylor, a member of the group, said: "It was a very successful day.

"We had a raffle and everyone enjoyed it.

"The mayor [councillor Debs Edwards] came along to support us."

The group were raising money for the Stroke Association, and held the event at Whitley Community Cafe.

Their next fundraising day will be held at Southcote Fair on May 11.

Mr Taylor added: "It is so important that we raise money for this cause.

"With most illnesses, you either die from it or survive it, but strokes can leave you with long-term suffering.

"It can be isolating for people who have suffered one.

"We asked supermarkets to come along and would like to thanks people from Reading Tesco for coming and supporting us, and also thanks to Whitley Community Cafe.

"We look forward to our next event."