The Labour Party comfortably held onto Reading Borough Council (RBC) at the 2019 local elections, keeping the same number of overall seats.

Labour won nine seats on the night, with the Tories winning four, the Green Party two and the Lib Dems one.

Labour gained one seat but lost another, while the Conservatives lost two on the night.

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Councillor Jo Lovelock, leader of the council, said: “Labour feel, given the national context, we have had a good night, given that we still have got 30 seats on the council.

“I think it was a really bad night for the Conservatives. They’ve lost two seats and their vote is down considerably in a number of places.”

The Conservatives lost two on the night, in Caversham and Tilehurst, with Labour and the Lib Dems gaining from them.

Labour’s Ayo Sokale was celebrating after gaining from the Conservatives in Caversham.

She said: "I'm just so excited to be elected and to have such a strong majority in Caversham.

"I am really excited to work hard them."

Councillor Ricky Duveen was also in a buoyant mood after winning back his seat from Sandra Vickers in Tilehurst, doubling the Lib Dems representation on the council.

Cllr Duveen said: "Obviously it's  great pleasure to be elected in Tilehurst again. Last year was a bit of an error - we don't know what happened there.

"This year we have certainly been well received on the doorstep.

"People have put their trust in the Liberal Democrats because they know what we can do in Tilehurst."

Ms Vickers was the only incumbent councillor to lose a seat on the night.

The Green Party also had cause to celebrate after Jamie Whitham gained a seat in Redlands from Labour, taking the Greens' total councillors to four.

Councillor Rob White, leader of the Reading Green Party, said there had been 'good results on the night but the hard work strarts today'.

30 seats were uncontested.

The make-up of the authority is now:

Labour Party (30 seats)

Conservatives (10 seats)

Green Party (4 seats)

Liberal Democrats (2 seats)

Meanwhile, the overall turnout at the election was 33.59 per cent.

The previous two elections had a 34 per cent turnout.

You can find out which councillor won in your ward here.