A RESOURCEFUL Reading woman has created a simple and fun way to help people in the area get together to lose weight.

Amanda Gould took to Facebook to create 'FAFF (Fat and Friendly Faces) Reading'.

She said: "I am a big girl - I'm carrying more fat than I should be.

"I posted on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in joining a group where strangers can meet to walk together, maybe to eventually build up to a 5k aim."

Amanda posted on the Reading Gossip Girls Facebook page explaining her idea.

She said: 'I'm curvy/big/overweight… and carrying more fat than I should be.

'No two ways about it!

'I also want to do something about it and wondered if there's anyone else who wants to meet up for an evening walk or the like…. maybe build to up to 5k as an aim?

'Being completely politically incorrect and a bit jolly with the term, I thought about starting a group called FAFF (fat and friendly friends).

'Now the weather is starting to turn, would anyone want to join me?

'No charge just friendly faces with the same goals… to lose a bit of weight.'

Amanda said she decided to take the initiative after visiting her parents in Scotland last week, where her mother told her she was concerned about Amanda's weight and health, and that she needs to do something about it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Soon after the Facebook post, Amanda received an 'astounding' response.

She said: "I quickly created the FAFF Reading page, and within an hour had more than 100 members.

"Now, just a week later - that's more than 200!

"I couldn't run if I tried, and people always ask me 'why don't you just go running?'

"I would look like an idiot as I wouldn't be able to.

"For me - and I know some of the other ladies - being committed to something that gets me away from being stuck indoors all day that is good for me, costs nothing, and doesn't leave me feeling like I'm way out of my physical capability can only lead to good things!

"And I’m just happy for anyone else that wants to join me, or another of the groups.

"The concept is simple – post on the group where you'd like to walk and if someone else in that area wants to join you, it's up to you to arrange.

"I currently arrange the weekly Prospect Park walks on a Wednesday evening at 6.30pm and 7.30pm – and our first ones were last night [April 24] as well as one in Caversham.

"It's up to you how fast you want to walk, and the length that you want to do – also the speed.

"I posted that each person is accountable for these things and that if they want to go faster or slower than the person they're walking with or even stop then this is up to them entirely.

"If people enjoy the walks, then they’ll come back again, and each step is a step in the right direction to increasing our well-being."