THE fate of a nightclub will be decided in June to allow time for police evidence that has only recently come to light.

After Dark, on London Street, was due to have its premises licence reviewed by Reading Borough Council (RBC) today, which could have seen it be revoked.

The council has received several noise complaints about the club, mostly from a single nearby flat. A recent complaint stated: “I could not hear our television or the hourly church bells.”

However, both the police and Zee Khan, the owner of the club, asked for more time. Because of the local elections in May, the council decided to postpone the review until June.

Mr Khan said he needed extra time to carry out an acoustics report. Councillor Woodward, chair of the licensing sub-committee, asked why it had taken so long to carry out the report, when it had originally been asked for September last year.

Cllr Woodward asked Mr Khan: “It seems to me you are asking for something that should have been done months ago. Why haven’t you done this?”

Mr Khan said: “We don’t have the funds to do an acoustic report.”

Rebecca Moon, a licensing officer for RBC, said the acoustics report was requested in two letters in September and October last year, and again in a meeting in February this year.

Cllr Woodward said: “That report was crucial. This committee can’t consider commercial matters.”

Mr Khan said: “I don’t think it’s crucial. The real issue is the soundproofing of the venue. I think that’s the best way to deal with this issue.”

Thames Valley Police yesterday afternoon provided 30 pages of extra evidence and 1 hour and 16 minutes of CCTV footage, which neither the council nor Mr Khan have had time to look at yet.

PC Simon Wheeler said: “It’s not new evidence as such. But it does provide a lot of supportive evidence and background.

The committee decided to adjourn the review until June, mostly to allow time to go over the extra evidence.

After Dark is based in a former biscuit factory, and has been a club for decades. It is surrounded by newly built flats. The club is spending around £6,000 on soundproofing, and hopes to have most of the work finished by October.