YOU may have had your suspicions, but did you know there are several beauty spots in Berkshire used as prolific dogging sites?

Swinging Heaven, an adult website, says car parks, woods and nature trails in Berkshire are among the top sites for having sex outdoors, and often with strangers.

Before you head off for an Easter stroll in one of the county’s many beauty spots, it may be worth checking this list if you want to avoid stumbling across this kind of activity.

After a series of incidents near Maidenhead this year, officers said the public and children ‘should not have to come across any incidents of this nature’.

Reading Chronicle:

According to the site, people love to carry out their exhibitionist behaviour at Black Swan Lake in Woodley and in Greenham Common near Newbury.

The Museum of Berkshire Aviation in Woodley is also among the popular locations according to users.

Reading Chronicle:

The list says other popular dogging sites include Southlake and the Copse nature reserve in Tidmarsh.

Dogging, sexual activity in public or watching others engage in sexual activity in public, is not banned under a specific law in the UK, but people who get caught can be charged under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 with public lewdness and indecent exposure.

Thames Valley Police said earlier this year that they deal ‘robustly’ with reports of dogging and treat them as ‘a serious matter’.

Dogging became popular in 2003 when couples were able to arrange meetings conveniently on the internet.

Below are just some of the spots listed by adult website users.

  • Greenham Common – ‘near the control tower’
  • The Warren, Reading – ‘next to the river’
  • Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Woodley – ‘
  • Tidmarsh – Copse Nature Reserve
  • Southlake, Woodley –
  • Sandford Lane, Woodley – used 'once dog walkers have gone home’
  • Black Swan Lake
  • Bracknell, Long Hill Road – users warn people ‘to be wary of dog walkers’
  • Tilehurst, Sulham Hill