FRIENDLY members of a Woodley beavers group paid a visit to a Reading care home to celebrate Easter.

Residents at Sunrise of Sonning, on Old Bath Road, were joined by the third Woodley Beavers as part of the luxury care home's efforts to encourage intergenerational community life.

The boys and girls, aged six years and up, had a lovely time with the residents celebrating the beginning of spring and the arrival of Easter.

They spent an evening creating Easter crafts and some made cards for Mothering Sunday.

Both the children and residents also spent some time filling and decorating Easter eggs and making cards.

Once they had finished, the children chatted to their new friends about what they do in the Beavers and with their families.

The residents had a lovely time reminiscing about fond memories from their times in the Scouts and Brownies.

A special scouting ceremony also took place during the visit.

When a young scout makes the 'Promise', called Investiture, they receive their Group Scarf, the Membership Award and are welcomed as a new member into the Scout family.

One of the boys was Invested by The Beavers’ leader, Tiny (Barry Ford), which was a very proud moment for him and his parents.

Barry also comes into Sunrise of Sonning most Sunday mornings to help with Holy Communion for the Catholic residents, and is an important part of the Sunrise of Sonning community.

The third Woodley Beavers visit Sunrise of Sonning twice a year, once at Christmas time when they sing Christmas carols and songs and also in the spring to celebrate Easter.

Several of the residents commented on how confident the children were and some were very interested in looking at the badges on their uniforms and finding out what they were achieved for.

One said: “This brings back such fond memories of my time in the Brownies."

Another commented on the length of time it used to take for them to sew the badges on their children's uniforms.

Sue Peters, activities assistant at Sunrise of Sonning, said: "The work we do between the generations is so important and I am thrilled that the residents enjoyed spending the evening with the Beavers.

"Thanks to all the young guests and to Barry for all his work with Sunrise of Sonning.

"People like him make the community what it is and the residents love seeing familiar faces pop in to help."