ON Thursday May 2, residents of West Berkshire will vote for 40 councillors to represent them for the next four years in the district council.

You have to be registered to vote to be able to take part in the elections. The deadline for the local elections has already passed, but if you are not registered, make sure you are in time for the European Union elections on May 23.

There are 142 candidates standing in 24 wards. Some wards will have more than one councillor representing them, but in total 40 councillors will be elected.

A recent boundary review means there will be fewer councillors after May 2 — there are currently 52 councillors. As some ward boundaries have changed, residents may find themselves voting at a different polling station than previously.

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm. You can find the nearest one here

Candidates (* = councillor currently in office)


Dominic Boeck* (Conservative)

Peter Greenhalgh (Lib Dem)

David Hancock (Labour)


Jonathan Ashley (Labour)

Alex Carter (Green)

Laura Coyle (Lib Dem)

Alan Law* (Conservative)


Ross MacKinnon (Conservative)

Ian McKay (Labour)

Ian Park (Lib Dem)


Mike Cole (Lib Dem)

Frank Greenwood (Labour)

Graham Pask* (Conservative)

Jacqueline Paynter (Green)

Burghfield & Mortimer

Janet Bishop (Labour)

Graham Bridgman* (Conservative)

John Hannawin (Labour)

Graham Hudson (Labour)

Carol Jackson-Doerge* (Conservative)

Royce Longton (Lib Dem)

Alison May (Green)

Geoffrey Mayes (Lib Dem)

Ian Morrin* (Conservative)

Chieveley & Cold Ash

Marc Charon (Labour)

Hilary Cole* (Conservative)

Chris Evans (Labour)

Jill Hoblin (Green)

David Lister (Lib Dem)

Garth Simpson* (Conservative)

James Thomas (Green)


Martin Colston (Lib Dem)

Clive Hooker* (Conservative)

Grahame Murphy (Labour)

Hungerford & Kintbury

Dennis Benneyworth* (Conservative)

Ron Blindell (Labour)

Rob Chicken (Lib Dem)

James Cole* (Conservative)

Tim Davis (Green)

Denise Gaines (Lib Dem)

Paul Pugh (Labour)

Claire Rowles (Conservative)

Matt Wilson (Labour)

Shaun Wood (Lib Dem)


Moz Reynolds (Labour)

Charlie Christopher (Lib Dem)

Howard Woollaston (Conservative)

Newbury Central

Mark Beach (Labour)

Joseph Clarke (Conservative)

Caroline Blake (Labour)

Susan Millington (Green)

Andy Moore (Lib Dem)

Anthony Stretton (Conservative)

Martha Vickers (Lib Dem)

Newbury Clay Hill

Jeff Beck* (Conservative)

Danielle Bryan (Green)

Jeff Cant (Conservative)

Gemma Lowe (Labour)

Pam Taylor (Lib Dem)

Lee McDougall (Labour)

Simon Pike (Lib Dem)

Newbury Greenham

Malik Azam (Ukip)

Phil Barnett (Lib Dem)

Christine Copeland (Labour)

Billy Drummond* (Lib Dem)

Miles Evans (Conservative)

Sarah Greenall (Conservative)

Mark Jones (Conservative)

Matthew Lowe (Green)

Erik Pattenden (Lib Dem)

Gary Puffett (Labour)

Michael Wakelyn-Green (Labour)

Newbury Speen

Robert Chapman (Labour)

Jeanette Clifford* (Conservative)

Bert Clough (Labour)

Lynne Doherty* (Conservative)

Tony Harris (Lib Dem)

Steve Masters (Green)

Newbury Wash Common

Adrian Abbs (Lib Dem)

Stuart Davenport (Conservative)

Adrian Edwards* (Conservative)

David Marsh (Green)

Anthony Pick* (Conservative)

Peter Tullett (Labour)

Tony Vickers (Lib Dem)

Andrew Wallace (Labour)

Julie Wintrup (Labour)


Suzie Ferguson (Labour)

Gareth Hurley (Conservative)

Matthew Shakespeare (Lib Dem)


Charlotte Blackman (Labour)

Carolyne Culver (Green)

Michael Palmer (Ukip)

Virginia Von Celsing* (Conservative)

Thatcham Central

Dave Burns (Labour)

Richard Crumly* (Conservative)

Paul Field (Green)

Gary Huntley (Labour)

Marigold Jaques* (Conservative)

Owen Jeffery (Lib Dem)

Nassar Kessell (Lib Dem)

David McMahon (Ukip)

Thatcham Colthrop & Crookham

Steve Ardagh-Walter* (Conservative)

John Boyd (Lib Dem)

James Wilder (Labour)

Thatcham North East

Jason Collis* (Conservative)

Jeremy Cottam (Lib Dem)

Robert Denton-Powell* (Conservative)

Lee Dillon* (Lib Dem)

Neale Hall (Labour)

Teresa McDowell (Labour)

Thatcham West

Sarah Berrington (Labour)

Jeff Brooks* (Lib Dem)

Ellen Crumly (Conservative)

Gary Johnson (Ukip)

Jane Livermore (Green)

Helen Picken (Conservative)

Susan Turauskis (Labour)

Keith Woodhams (Lib Dem)


Alan Macro* (Lib Dem)

Chris Ryder (Labour)

Alex Traves (Conservative)

Tilehurst & Purley

Elizabeth Bell (Labour)

Steve Bown (Lib Dem)

Richard Jones* (Conservative)

Stuart Lythgoe (Labour)

Thomas Marino (Conservative)

Ben Rayner (Labour)

Andrew Williamson (Conservative)

Steve Young (Green)

Tilehurst Birch Copse

Gary Brampton (Green)

Louise Coulson (Labour)

Tony Linden* (Conservative)

Gary Norman (Lib Dem)

Elizabeth O’Keefe (Lib Dem)

Joanne Stewart (Conservative)

Clive Taylor (Labour)

Tilehurst South & Holybrook

Peter Argyle* (Conservative)

Charles Croal (Labour)

Emma Gillespie (Labour)

Sarah Lowes (Lib Dem)

Vaughan Miller (Lib Dem)

Richard Somner* (Conservative)