A BITTER-SWEET play about a mother facing dementia with the help of her daughter will be coming to Reading in June.

Human Story Theatre Company will come to Reading as part of it's national library tour.

Uniquely, each intimate performance of Connie's Colander will be followed by a Q&A with a medical or care expert.

The tour of 36 libraries will take ‘pay-what-you-can’, pop-up theatre and critical support to people who might otherwise suffer in isolation.

The trailer can be viewed here.

Connie's Colander, written by Human Story Theatre's Gaye Poole, is in libraries and community spaces this May and June, with 12 performances during Dementia Action Week (20-26 May).

The play tells the story of Connie, a retired domestic science teacher.

Emily, her daughter, is enjoying hosting her first TV cookery show: Connie’s Colander, bringing her mother's recipes onscreen and up-to-date.

The hour-long play traces the evolving relationship throughout their lives, and the impact of Connie's Alzheimer’s.

After the play, the actors facilitate a 20 minute Q&A with guest specialists, offering information and stories of living well with dementia, and encourage the audience to share their own experiences.

Dr Marion Lynch, dementia expert and deputy medical director for NHS England South, said: "Connie gives us permission to laugh and cry about our own situation, the roles lost and responsibilities gained when living with dementia, and notice that we are not alone.

"More of this would lead to a different view on what it is to grow old and care for those who need our help."

Sue Williamson, libraries director at Arts Council England, said: "An awful lot of people who are interested or touched by these issues don’t feel safe in a theatre, but they do feel comfortable in their local library.’’

According to the Alzheimer's Society, 850,000 people in the UK, has dementia, and the number is expected to rise to more than one million by 2025 and two million by 2051.

Connie's Colander will be coming to Calcot Community Centre on June 3 at 2.15pm.