ID cards and lanyards worn around the neck could prove fatal in a crash, police have warned.

It comes after an ID card stabbed a driver so hard in the chest after a crash that their lung collapsed.

Roads police officers are now urging drivers against wearing their company lanyard or staff ID pass while driving.

Lanyards and passes are said to have exacerbated two drivers' injuries in recent road smashes.

In one, a woman's bowel was perforated when the airbag triggered during a crash hammered into keys attached to a lanyard around her neck.

The keys stabbed her abdomen, perforating her bowel and keeping her in hospital for six weeks.

In another incident, a driver's staff ID card was pushed into her chest by the force of a deployed airbag. It caused the driver's lung to collapse.

Officers from police units in Wiltshire issued an appeal.

They said: "Advice from police is to remove your lanyards/staff passes when leaving the office for both 'safety and security reasons' and especially while driving."

Breakway lanyards, which will unclip themselves if the pass or keys get stuck, may be safer.