A READING nursery has stepped into spring with the arrival of more than 20 adorable lambs.

Jubilee Day Nursery, Rectory Road, Padworth, has a highly regarded reputation for outdoor learning.

With more than 60 acres of private woodland and a working farm, babies and children from three months to five years are able to learn through engaging, hands-on experiences.

Following the arrival of the new lambs, the children have enjoyed small workshops, with farmers teaching them how to care for the new arrivals.

Farming has proven to have many benefits to a child's learning development, and the nursery aims to increase children's appreciation of nature, promote healthy lifestyles and educate them on the life cycle of animals.

Farmer Pete Harrod said: "My wife and I have been helping to deliver our lambs this year, I take the day shifts and she takes the nights.

"The majority of our lamb births have gone well, and we are thrilled to be welcoming our calves towards the end of the year."

Farmer Cheryl Wise added: "Having worked in a children’s nursery prior to Jubilee, I was amazed in comparison of the opportunities between the settings.

"I have a true passion for farming and childcare so working at Jubilee really is a dream job.

"It has been amazing to see the interaction between the lambs and children whilst they are petting and bottle feeding the baby animals."