It’s that time again. Your candidates have arrived, knocking on doors, pushing pamphlets through letterboxes and tweeting out their best tweets.

Yes, it’s the Reading Borough Council elections 2019 and here we reveal every single candidate running for your vote.

See below for who is standing in your area 

In Reading, local elections for the borough council are held in three out of every four years with a third of seats up for grabs.

This is one of those years.

Polling day is on Thursday, May 2, and if you are not already registered to vote, you can do so here.

Candidates from six parties, plus one independent, have been announced ahead of the poll, and you can find those vying for votes in your ward listed below.

There are 16 seats up for grabs at RBC, with six Labour, four Conservative, and one Green candidate attempting to keep their role.

Four councillors will not be standing for election this time around: Jan Gavin in Redlands, Kelly Edwards in Whitley, Gurvinder Kaur in Katesgrove and Claire McDonald in Caversham.

Another councillor, former Conservative councillor Ed Hopper left his role last month after moving with family to the Isle of Wight, which means there will be two candidates elected in Thames ward next month.

Polling stations, which can be found here, will be open from 7am – 10pm on Thursday, May 2.

A list of polling station changes can be found below.

Candidates (* = councillor currently holding office)


Mohammed Ayub* (Labour)

Chris Burden (Liberal Democrat)

John Darby (Green)

Alison Stevens (Conservative)


Fiona Cox (Green)

John Grout (Liberal Democrat)

Michael Hey (Conservative)

Chris Maskell* (Labour)


Ella Barrett (Conservative)

David Foster (Green)

Hilary Smart (Liberal Democrat)

Ayo Sokale (Labour)


Francis Jakeman (Liberal Democrat)

Kathryn McCann (Green)

Shekhar Natarajan (Conservative)

Paul Woodward* (Labour)


Liam Challenger (Labour)

Natalie Greenstreet (Conservative)

Louise Keane (Green)

Peter Kinsley (Liberal Democrat)


Gary Coster (Liberal Democrat)

Glenn Dennis (Labour and Co-operative Party)

Raj Singh* (Conservative)

Richard Walkem (Green)


Nick Fudge (Conservative)

Paul Gittings* (Labour)

Willem Londeman (Green)

James Moore (Liberal Democrat)


Stew Elliott (Liberal Democrat)

Stephen Graham (Liberal Party)

Alan Gulliver (Independent)

Graeme Hoskin* (Labour)

Zack Okeyo (Conservative)

Jill Wigmore-Welsh (Green)


Chris Dodson (Liberal Democrat)

Adam Phelps (Conservative)

Amjad Tarar (Labour)

Josh Williams* (Green)


Doug Cresswell (Green)

Clare Grashoff* (Conservative)

Simon Smart (Liberal Democrats)

Oliver White (Labour)


Graham Alexander (Liberal Democrat)

Beth Vincent (Conservative)

Mo McSevney (Labour)

Jamie Whitham (Green)


Jason Brock* (Labour)

Marie French (Liberal Democrat)

Dipka Upadhyay (Conservative)

Amanda Walsh (Green)

Thames (two seats)

Paul Carnell (Conservative)

Boubacar Dembele (Labour)

Sarah McNamara (Green)

Sally Newman (Green)

Guy Penman (Liberal Democrat)

Ben Perry (Labour)

Jo Ramsay (Liberal Democrat)

Jeanette Skeats* (Conservative)


Ricky Duveen (Liberal Democrat)
Ali Foster (Labour)

William Macphee (UKIP)

Sandra Vickers* (Conservative)

Deborah Wilson (Green)


John Illenden (Liberal Democrat)

Micky Leng (Labour)

Lucy Mortlock (Green)

Robert Vickers (Conservative)

Polling station updates:

  • The Polling Station previously in St George’s Church Hall (now demolished) will again move into St George’s Church (Norcot Ward) which is on the same site and immediately next to the demolished hall
  • Norcot Youth and Community Centre is closed and due to be demolished.  The Emergency Planning Vehicle will be based on the same site and used as a temporary polling station
  • Southcote Library has closed and the polling station has moved to Southcote Community Centre
  • South Reading Youth and Community Centre has now changed its name to South Reading Community Hub
  • Battle Library will be closed for refurbishment but will be open on 2nd May 2019 for use as a Polling Station only.