ANGLERS in Tilehurst will be left without a place to buy vital equipment for fishing following the closure of Thames Valley Angling.

Fishing fan Boyd Butler said: "It's such a shame it has to close, quite a lot of famous people use the shop.

"Everyone knows Alan Clark, the owner, and the shop has been serving the community for 25 years.

"Thousands of anglers are distraught - you can't but maggots online, where will anglers go to buy what they need?"

The shop was located in Kentwood Hill in Tilehurst, and closed last week.

Mr Butler is concerned that residents will be left with nowhere to go.

He added: "Who will encourage the kids now that the local shop owner who runs coaching for kids is closing?

"People also just go in often for a friendly chat - you don't get many places like that anymore but everyone in the community knows the shop and Alan and will miss it."