A cycle protest took place on Saturday, demanding action to make an accident hotspot safer after it was revealed that 18 cyclists were injured between 2015 and 2017.

Just last month, a motorist suffered serious injuries and was left needing hospital treatment after an incident at Vastern Road roundabout.

The Reading Cycle Campaign-led group of around 85  rode from Caversham’s Christchurch Meadows to the Reading Station underpass on Saturday, March 23.

A spokesman for the Reading Cycle Campaign said: “Back in 2013 Reading Borough Council ignored Reading Cycle Campaign’s warnings about the redesign of the Vastern Road Roundabout, and it has now become the worst hotspot for accidents across the whole of Reading.”

Reading Borough Council (RBC) is currently working with its contractor on a timetable to implement a road safety scheme which involves re-lining lanes on the roundabout so that it is clearer which lanes go in which direction, removing the need for lane changes within the roundabout.

The council has identified the cause of the issue as ‘significant lane changing’ from vehicles while on the roundabout.

The authority expects these works will reduce motor vehicle/pedal cycle collisions and resultant casualties.

Adrian Lawson, of Reading Cycle Campaign, said lane-changing is a factor but the speed drivers come on to the roundabout is a bigger issue.

The council has acknowledged that further improvement may be needed once the re-lining is complete.

Continental style markings were also considered but are not approved for highway use by the Department for Transport, so the council has prioritised re-lining at this stage.