MORE than 24,000 people from Reading have signed a petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.

The petition, which was created in late February, now has 5,833,653 signatures, with 15,385 residents from Reading East and 9,530 from those in the Reading West area.

The online movement, with clsoe to 6million signatures, has broken the record for the biggest petition on the Parliament's website.

Reading East MP Matt Rodda posted a tweet in favour of a second referendum amid the chaos surrounding Theresa May's Brexit deal.

He said on March 25: "The  Government has failed on Brexit, it is time for Parliament to take control of the process, through indicative votes.

"This should include a vote on a second referendum."

While Alok Sharma, MP for Reading West, recently posted a tweet in which he urged MPs to back the Prime Minister's deal.

He said: "Business and out constituents want an end to the uncertainty.

"Not backing the deal risks #Brexit itseld.

"Time for MPs to vote for the national interest and #backthedeal."

Speakinh to The Chronicle, Matt Rodda, MP for Reading East, said: “Jeremy Corbyn has said revoking article 50 should not be ruled out and I believe it is important to keep this option on the table, for example the UK might need to consider revoking article 50 if the UK was running out of time before the latest deadline for leaving the EU and no deal had been agreed.”