LIFE does not get in the way for one man who is taking on a new challenge by learning how to fly a plane.

Steve Cox, from Twyford, was diagnosed with young onset dementia when he was 57 years-old.

He has not let this stand in the way of achieving his dreams and wants to prove that anyone can achieve what they want to in life.

The patient at Banyan Home Care services in Wokingham has built a strong relationship with Phil, who is a member of the care facility.

On March 14, the pair visited Blackbushe Airport, in Yately and met an organisation called Aerobility who offer aviation activities and trial flights, regardless if you have a disability or not.

Steve had a tour of the plane and cockpit, and was inspired to become a volunteer and book his first flying lesson in April.

The retired taxi business owner, said: "This was the happiest day of my life. I was smiling all day.

"Before coming to Banyan, I was rotting away at home - staring at four walls. It is not just the flying, it is about the people around you who help you.

"I do not let dementia get in the way of anything."

The care providers deliver support packages to people living in Berkshire and support younger people with dementia, as well as people of all ages.

People with young onset dementia often experience a more rapid decline in cognition and quality of life.

Charlie Draper, branch director of Banyan Home Care services, said: "Since I first met Steve at the initial assessment, he has grown significantly in confidence, self-belief, motivation and mood.

"We really enjoy going out and spending time with Steve.

"Steve is an inspirational example of setting personal goals and putting into action, very much focussing on what he can do, not what he can not do."

The Twyford man is currently putting together a quiz for a fundraising event to support the costs of his flying lessons.