A LOWER EARLEY school held a special fundraising day for Comic Relief last week.

Hawkedon Primary School organised several fun events throughout the day, including a school-wide bake off challenge.

Teachers started the bake off during assemblies held in the morning, where they had to bake their classroom cakes while handcuffed to the teachers next to them.

They were also made to wear hats, including a clowns top hat, a fez and a Christmas turkey.

Not all the cakes went according to plan, but the children were able to help decorate them in the afternoon, ready to be judged.

Other events on the day included each of the 21 classes taking part in Comic Relief's Katherine Ryan's cupcake sweepstake, an after-school bake sale (which alone raised more than £500) and a movie night, where children watched Small Foot.

Taking part in comic relief gave an opportunity to educate pupils in the poverty that surrounds the world.