A MAN has been convicted of murder by a unanimous jury after a mother-of-two was stabbed to death.

Mark Sinclair, of Blossom Lane, Theale stood trial at Reading Crown Court for killing his girlfriend Kylie Dembrey on September 6.

The 30-year-old, who was convicted on March 12, called police say he had killed her and was arrested the same day.

Kylie was strangled until she became unconscious and then stabbed in the heart and neck. 

She was pronounced dead at the scene and Sinclair faced a three-week trial after being charged with murder.

The court previously heard how Sinclair had lashed out at Dembrey multiple times during the course of their 12-year relationship.

However, the defence attempted to pursue diminished responsibility, instead of murder. 

Sinclair had followed Dembrey to the toilets of the Diamond Tap pub in Newbury and accused her of 'looking at other men', before strangling her. 

Prosecutor Mary Loram said: "This is a domestic act of violence by controlling his partner.

"The reality of this case is simply the killing of a vulnerable woman by an abusive partner. That is murder." 

Claire Wade, defending, said: "There was a substantial impairment of self control, a significant contributory factor in the killing. 

"He is guilty of manslaughter from his personality disorder." 

In July 2017, Sinclair appeared at Nottingham Crown Court for arson with intent to endanger life after he had set his flat on fire.

After this incident, Sinclair was admitted to a mental health institute, due to his 'psychotic' symptoms worsening.

Ms Wade told the court how he had 'fabricated' symptoms to get out of prison.

However, an expert told the court it was normal for people with a mental illness to use their condition as an excuse for avoiding prison.

He said: "He had a personality disorder. I am cautious about the specific cluster, but I think that borderline personality disorder is prominent."

A psychiatric report of Sinclair indicated he had an inability to take responsibility for his actions and had difficulty with relationships.

The defence argued that due to his borderline personality he has a substantial lack of self control. 

The sentencing is due to take place tomorrow morning.