A 10-year-old disabled girl has had her life made a little easier thanks to a handy gadget provided by charity Remap.

Zoe Carter, from Reading, has a rare genetic condition known as HSP, which means her muscles don't work as well as they should, and she is unable to walk.

Volunteer engineers from Remap have designed and made Zoe a gadget to help her pick things up while sitting in her wheelchair.

Zoe's mum Alice said: "Zoe has never been able to walk, and has very little strength in her hands, which means that grabbers which are available on the market and which require finger power to operate are just useless.

"Remap's engineers have made her an electrically operated grabber, which has literally changed her life.

"She uses the grabber every day for everything, and thinks the bit of independence it gives her is fantastic.

"We are so pleased."

The MakeAbility service from Remap produces gadgets and equipment for people with disabilities and special needs where there are no suitable alternatives.

They are keen to expand what they do in Reading.

Remap Berkshire is one of 70 local groups spread across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.