THERE are only 22 female firefighters across Berkshire, making up just 4.88 per cent of the fire service.

While 7.7 per cent of on call firefighters are women, just 4.3 per cent of full time firefighters are female. However, women do make up a significant portion of support and control roles within the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The service will run events at Whitley Wood Training Centre, Reading, in April, May and June to encourage more women to become firefighters. The events will include a tour of the fire station and physical tests similar to those used in training.

Lorraine Sullivan, resourcing and development manager, said: “We believe potential barriers which may be deterring female applicants from applying for this hugely rewarding role.

“By organising these events, we are hoping to tackle common misconceptions and give everyone the opportunity to try the role for themselves.”

Despite the efforts to recruit more women, the fire service is not actually recruiting full time firefighters, although it expects opportunities to open soon.

Similar events will run in Pangbourne, Hungerford, Maidenhead, Mortimer, Lambourn, Wargrave and Hungerford throughout the year.