A FEMALE business owner from Wokingham has hosted a discussion evening to celebrate International Women's Day and inspire young girls to reach their full potential.

Rachel Bradley is the leader of the Reading Girl Tribe Gang and was proud to hold the session on Wednesday, March 6 at Fora, Reading.

The event saw over 45 women come together to celebrate women in business across the borough.

The focus of the meeting was to acknowledged female achievements and also discuss what it means to be a woman in and outside the working world.

Rachel, who owns her own business works alongside the founder of the group, Catherine Labbett to provide local entrepreneurs with an alternative option to traditional business networking.

She said: “Girl Tribe Gang is committed to supporting women at all stages of their working life. Whether it’s a women who has already launched her own business, a woman aspiring to or a woman who works the 9-5 but combines it with a side hustle.

Ms Bradley believes International Women's Day provides the opportunity for females to support each other.

She added: “Celebrating International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to share a special moment, to celebrate all that we are, to swap stories and experiences but most importantly to come together, face to face, to support and be there for each other.

"There was so much energy in the room, so much excitement and it was lovely to see so many women. I was chatting to young women, early twenties, who are at the start of their journey. And we had women who have experienced so much, both in life and in the workplace."

During the evening there was a panel discussion with Rachel Jane who runs a blog, Joyce Connor a local make-up artist and skincare specialist Kay Glover.

The meeting also supported The Girl’s Network, a charity supporting girls between 16 and 19 who inspires them to reach their full potential. Girl Tribe Gang works with the charity’s call to ask guests what piece of advice they would give to their teenage selves.

Rachel's piece of advice is to choose when to listen to your elders.

She added: “As a sixth former, I was told that my dream, to work as a writer and find a career in the media wasn’t achievable.

“Thankfully I chose not the listen. I trained as a journalist and have had a fantastic career as a PR both in London and Berkshire. Sometimes our own inner voice is the one we need to hear.”

For more information, visit: www.girltribegang.co.uk/tribes/reading/.