A community association has raised concern about a planning application for a micro power station in north Reading.

The application, from energy company Aggregated Micro Power (AMP), is for a small-scale gas fired power station in Cardiff Road, near the Cow Lane end.

David Neale, secretary at the Bell Tower Community Association, has raised concern about pollution and noise from the station.

He said: “The air quality report shows a measurable increase in NO2 levels over an area extending as far as Caversham Road, and this part of Reading is already a designated Air Quality Management area because of its high levels of pollution.

“We are also not sure about noise levels for residents of Cardiff Road, some of whom are less than 300 metres from the site. “

The application site is located on Cardiff road in what the developer calls a ‘predominantly industrial and commercial area’.

The nearest residential properties are approximately 310m to the east, on Cardiff Road, with other nearby residential properties approximately 360m to the south-west and over 750m to the North.

All residential properties are screened from the proposed development by commercial and industrial buildings or by railway infrastructure, according to the developer.

AMP’s planning statement – provided by SLF Consulting - says the design and layout of the development has been reviewed against a series of environmental considerations and local and national policies.

It adds: “The station will provide benefit to local business, developments and electric vehicle (EV) charging point."

The site would be one of several similar AMP projects around the country referred to as Urban Reserve sites.