A NEW and exclusive photography experience which aims to celebrate and empower girls across Berkshire has been launched.

Woking-based entrepreneur Joanne Temple came up with the idea for the experience, which is aimed at girls aged between 4 and 18.

The new venture, Frank and Bloom, is a service designed for parents who want to embrace their daughter’s inimitable personality, talents and character and capture it in timeless, natural and un-posed portraits.

The Frank and Bloom experience is unique in that it’s not only about creating visually beautiful images but about allowing girls to be free to be themselves, focusing on their interests and personalities in front of the camera.

JoAnne, an award-winning artistic children's photographer who has run a successful family photography business for five years, said: "Frank and Bloom is dedicated to girls being themselves.

"I'm hugely passionate about capturing girls just as they are.

"No airs, graces or pretence.

"I want to celebrate them for what makes them unique and, through my photography, help to boost their self-esteem."

Explaining why the business is called Frank and Bloom, JoAnne said: "I want to encourage girls to be frank or honest about who they are because I believe they are at their most captivating at that moment.

"I'm all for celebrating diversity and freedom and want girls I photograph to bloom - to feel empowered to show their individuality, their quirks and to let their character shine through.

"Girls are photographed in a relaxed outdoor environment where they can be themselves.

"I want families to have images of their daughters on their walls that depict their true character and for the girls to feel proud to be different and empowered when they look at them."

For more information visit: www.frankandbloom.com.