A FAMILY living in a council flat with windows that have been broken for a decade claim the council have 'ignored' their repeated requests to fix the windows.

The windows were broken by the previous tenants, and have been broken ever since the Kamberaj family have lived in the flat at Granville Road.

A small gap in between the windows and the frames cause a loud howling sound when it’s windy outside, making it difficult to sleep. The windows in both the parents’ and the daughter’s bedrooms are broken.

Kosovar Kamberaj, 49, is a taxi driver and said he has ‘complained 100 times but nothing has happened’. He is so stressed he worries he will have a heart attack.

He said: “I need to sleep properly. How can I work?”

His 10-year-old daughter Rea, who sleeps in a bedroom with a broken window, gets scared at night, because she says the sound is like a ghost. Often when gets too scared, she sleeps in the same bed as her parents.

Her parents said the lack of sleep affects her mental health and her performance at school, and she has bags under eyes.

Her mother, Remzije, 47, said: “If she doesn’t sleep well, how will she do at school?”

Five weeks ago, Reading Borough Council sent over two men to fix the windows, Mr Kamberaj said. They put some black rubber around the inside of the frame, but this didn’t solve the problem, and the noise still comes with the wind.

A spokesman for the council said: "In 2015 the tenants reported a draught from the windows so sealant was applied round all the windows to tackle this. No other reports were received by the Council until January 2019 when work was carried out again to place rubber seals on the window and apply sealant.

"The company that carried this out confirmed that there was a whistling noise but that this had nothing to do with the windows. A housing officer will now visit the property again to see if they can establish the source of the noise."

Mr Kamberaj has tried bidding for a different flat, but was told there are people with higher priority. He said he doesn’t know what to do next, apart from going to an ombudsman and taking the case to court.

This article was amended 12.30pm February 21st to add a comment from the council.