A Reading school was delighted to welcome Winter Olympic Gold Medalist Amy Williams during a special visit last month.

Children at the Palmer Academy were left inspired by the guest, whose visit was coordinated by Team Super Schools (TSS), an organisation set up by Olympic Champions Jason Gardener and Darren Campbell.

Their aim is to inspire the next generation and promote active lifestyles.

Pupils were delighted to take part in a sporting activity day where they completed four different exercises.

They also enjoyed an inspiring assembly lead by Amy, where she talked about her career and answered questions from pupils.

A particular highlight for the schoolchildren was the opportunity to have their photos taken with her.

Headteacher Dom Prendergast said: "It was fantastic to welcome Olympic gold medalist Amy Williams MBE to The Palmer Academy.

"Thank you for inspiring our pupils to have a dream and to work hard and collaborate to achieve that dream."

Taking to Twitter to speak about the visit, Amy said: "Thanks for having me today @R2PalmerAcademy along with @TeamSuperSchool.

"Such a great bunch of enthusiastic children."