The GRAND opening of a school took place last week after teaching students in temporary classrooms for three years.

The Wren School, a newly established secondary academy school in Reading, will now be able to take on nearly twice as many pupils after its reopening.

Previously housing 590 students from year 7 to year 10, the academy now aims to have 1200 students, including a sixth form department to be completed by 2020.

Liam Kelly from Reading Football Club, also made an appearance to open the school along with members of the local community, councillors and MPs.

Students will get to learn in a 'spacious' and well-equipped art and technology department, as well as a new sports facility providing access all year round.

In September 2018, the school moved into its new buildings and officially opened its state of the art school on February 14.

The secondary academy school, located on the Bath Road, has its own 'Wren Nest' which gives access to a separate outdoor space onto a garden court yard.

An all-weather, floodlit 4G football and rugby pitch with astroturf has also been built, improving sporting activities and physical education classes for students.

As well as this, a new and improved sports hall and dance and fitness studios have also been opened.

The public will also be able to access certain facilities, such as; a theatre, drama studio, music practice rooms, a restaurant, cafe and learning resource centre.

The restaurant and cafe will cater to meet students with dietary requirements, offering hot and cold, sit down and grab and go lunches as well as halal options.