A former CSI officer for the Metropolitan Police has been hosting a series of interactive, after school CSI workshops.

Hayley Scott, who worked for the police for 14 years, recently set up her business, The Forensic Experience, which offers an interactive session as a Crime Scene Investigator.

Hayley and her team offer CSI team work building days, parties for eight year olds and over, talks and CSI experiences to groups such as WI, Probus, Brownies, guides, Cubs and Scouts.

She has also created a six-week after school club which has started in The Heights Primary School in Caversham.

"I have created a six-week after school club which I believe is the first in the UK," said Hayley.

Speaking about what the children involved had been doing so far, she said: "They have learnt about DNA, fingerprinting, shoemarks and toolmarks, coding fingerprints and matching fingermarks to suspect fingerprints."

The children very much enjoyed being part of the action in the weekly sessions, which Hayley is hoping to continue with and expand.

To find out more, visit The Forensic Experience website.