The new name of Reading Town Hall's new café has been announced.

The former 3Bs Café, which is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment, was last week revealed as The Pantry Café and Kitchen.

'The Pantry' is a historical nod to the popular People's Pantry restaurant, which once stood opposite the town hall and was destroyed during the Second World War when a lone German plane dropped four 500kg bombs in Reading Town Centre.

The People’s Pantry in Market Arcade, Friar Street, was one of the town’s ‘British Restaurants’, set up as Emergency Feeding Centres during the war to offer cheap meals to help supplement rationed food.

It was destroyed on February 10 1943.

The announcement of the new café name comes around the time of the anniversary of the bombing, where 41 people lost their lives and many were injured.

Cllr Sarah Hacker, Reading’s lead member for cultural, heritage and recreation, said: "I’m delighted to announce the new name of the Town Hall’s new café as ‘The Pantry Café and Kitchen’ and I’m very much looking forward to enjoying the café when it opens later this spring, alongside the new Story of Reading gallery at Reading Museum and the transformed town hall reception and museum shop.

"We considered several names with historical connections, but ‘The Pantry,’ proved the most popular choice.

"It is poignant that the announcement comes during the same week as the anniversary of The People’s Pantry bombing.

"We also want the name of the café to celebrate the positive historical connotation of a much loved, popular meeting place in Reading during a challenging time for the town.

"The People’s Pantry was a wartime institution designed to provide quick and satisfying meals for shoppers, business people, artisans and the army forces.

"The new café will hopefully prove as popular a destination for residents and visitors."