A lucky Reading grandmother recently celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends at Caversham Heath Golf Club.

Eileen Histead turned 100 on Sunday, February 10, and was joined by 54 of her family members and friends to mark the occasion.

They enjoyed plenty of food and shared photographs of Eileen's past.

Her son-in-law George Allen said: "It was a lovely day - we had a great time.

"We decided to have old photos of Eileen which was a nice idea.

"She had an amazing time and I think she had a better sleep that night than she has had in a long time."

Eileen, who has five grandchildren, worked at Burghfield Munitions Factory during the Second World War.

An impressive '100' cake was made by family friend Jean, and enjoyed by everyone.

George said: "Everybody had a great time and everyone spoke to everyone, especially Eileen.

"It was mostly relatives but there was a table of all her old friends." George said that the family had initially tried to keep the celebration a secret, but Eileen soon figured it out.

"She knew we were organising some kind of party," he said.

"We did try to make it a surprise but she knew about it because we had to ask her questions like wanting to know where her birth certificate was to receive the card from the queen, and she'd be like 'what do you need that for?'

"She wasn't keen on the idea at first, but I spoke to her afterwards and she said she had a lovely day and really enjoyed it."

Some of Eileen's relatives had travelled a long way to be with her on the day, coming from Kent and in some cases as far away as Scotland to celebrate with her.

George said: "It was a very nice day.

"If it had been June the weather would have been better but the facilities at the club were excellent."

The family had requested the special card from the queen to be delivered on Friday, and George said Eileen's reaction to the card was "brilliant."

He added: "She loved it, and the picture of the queen was a great one.

"Eileen had said she didn't want any presents from us as there's nothing else she wants now.

"Some people bought flowers for her and she also got a fancy afternoon tea from people."