THE anniversary of the People' Pantry Bombing – where 41 people were killed during the Second World War – was remembered on Sunday.

Councillor Debs Edwards, the Mayor of Reading, lead a short ceremony and laid a wreath to pay tribute to those who lost their lives 76 years ago.

The gathering was held at Town Hall Square, next to a commemorative plaque, which was unveiled six years ago.

Cllr Edwards said: "It is important we remember the people of Reading who lost their lives and I am sure their families appreciate this mark of respect.

"There must be many local people who remember that dreadful day."

The former 3Bs café at the town hall has recently been renamed The Pantry Café and Kitchen.

On February 10, 1943, one lone German plane dropped four 500kg bombs on Reading town centre, killing 41 people.

The number of fatalities could have been a lot worse, had it not been for the fact it was half day closing and many shops were empty.