A HEAD teacher has sent out a scathing letter to parents – urging them to be health conscious after bringing fast food to their children at lunchtime.

Hawkedon Primary School in Earley contacted parents earlier this week following concerns from school leaders about unhealthy food being eaten on school grounds.

Gareth O’Shea sent a letter, dated January 29, explaining that it was ‘not acceptable’ for this to continue.

He said: “It has been brought to my attention that some parents are bringing fast food to the front office to give to their children for lunch.

“As you will be aware, we are a school that wants all of our children to be mentally and physically fit.

“Our children participate in physical activity for a minimum of two hours per week and we regularly how to live in a fit and healthy way.

“All food served at the school through the kitchen is balanced, so that the children can receive a nutritionally healthy meal.

“I would strongly encourage all parents providing packed lunches to give their children healthy lunches that will aid with their growth and development.

“It is not acceptable for children to be given fast food, such as McDonalds, as this is against the ethos of our healthy school.”