The funeral of a bus enthusiast from Woodley took place last month, and his passion was remembered in a special way.

Bob Hicks, who was 76, was able to share one last bus ride with his family as fellow bus driver Tim Wale offered his bus for the service, which took place on December 12.

"He was a bus enthusiast from a very young age," said his daughter Sharon.

"There was a story about him being out with his mother as a child and he went missing. He was later brought back by a police officer after he'd wandered off and jumped onto a bus for a ride."

Bob worked for Thames Valley buses as a driver and had also been a conductor. He later had to retire from his dream job because of his health, but remained passionate about buses.

Sharon said: "He still attended bus rallies and and had a collection of model buses at home.

"He knew a lot of people in the area and he loved taking trips on buses all his life. Buses were his life and all he ever wanted to do.

"Any time he had been on one and thought anything wasn't quite right he would report it. His passion was buses and that was his life and they were where he had many happy memories with like-minded people."

Bob, who was a great grandfather, lived in Reading all his life and was able to share his passion for buses with his family.

"He was a proper gentleman," Sharon added.

"He was very friendly and chatty and loved to help other people. He was also quite an organised person and liked to do everything properly."