ALOK Sharma MP has told rival politicians in Reading to get behind Theresa May's Brexit deal in Parliament.

Labour councillor Rachel Eden has written to the Reading West MP, asking him to oppose a 'No Deal' Brexit on Tuesday, January 15.

Cllr Eden argued that the Government's policy requiring EU national to apply for settled status was causing distress.

She said: “Reading West is likely to be particularly hard hit by a no deal Brexit and our MP’s first loyalty should be to the well being of their constituents.

"It is time that Alok Sharma put country before party and confirmed that he will oppose a no deal Brexit in all circumstances.”

MPs will vote on the Prime Minister's deal this week, with widespread criticism from Labour about the deal being put forward.

However, Mr Sharma urged his rivals to support the deal and was scathing of Labour's own stance on Brexit.

He added: “The Labour Party has had 16 different positions on Brexit to date and in recent days Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary when asked 23 times on national media, was incapable of setting out his party’s current position.

"We do know that the Labour’s Shadow International Trade Secretary has been reported in national media to have described Labour’s six tests for its Brexit policy and strategy as 'b******s'!

"If Labour is genuinely keen to avoid a disorderly Brexit, I would encourage Labour MPs to vote for the Government’s Brexit deal in Parliament.”

In her letter to Mr Sharma, Cllr Eden described the possibility of a 'No Deal' Brexit as 'increasingly likely' and said it could be 'extremely damaging' to the UK economy.

She added: "Please can you also confirm that EU nationals living here in Reading do not have to worry about their future in a country they call home?

"Reading is a multicultural town and we rightly celebrate our diversity. I have met and heard from several distressed EU nationals residing in Reading West who are contemplating moving away from the UK because of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

"Your government’s policy in requiring EU nationals to apply for settled status is both symbolically and practically detrimental to friends, neighbours and colleagues here in Reading West.

"I know that this policy is pushing some of our local residents who are EU nationals to consider leaving the UK despite their long-term commitment to the UK and indeed Reading West."