The Reading Chronicle has revealed a list of the food hygiene ratings of every school, college and university in Reading, and the results are reassuring for students and parents alike, with none of the 69 establishments achieving below a three out of five.

Taken from research by the Food Standards Agency, every school in the area is included.

Incredibly, only one school, which made the bottom of the list, was classed as being below a 4/5 in food hygiene.

The rating represents the quality of food standards at the time of inspection.

Food safety officers from the local authority inspected the schools to check that they follows food hygiene law so that the food is safe to eat.

Three elements are checked at the inspection, including how hygienically the food is handled; the physical condition of the school and how the school keeps food safe.

The hygiene standards are rated on a scale; 5 is the highest ranking, meaning the standards are very good and fully comply with the law. Zero is the bottom of the scale and indicates that urgent improvement is necessary.

Scroll through the gallery to find out how each Reading school or college was judged.