A BUDGET hotel chain has revealed the most weirdest things they have found after people have stayed and forgotten to take their belongings with them.

A life-size Grinch cardboard cut out, professional video camera and a brand new rowing machine were amongst the wackiest things found in lost property at multiple Travelodge hotels in Reading.

The hotel chain has seen a growing trend of forgetful people leaving things behind. Keys to a Range Rover were discovered at Reading Central Travelodge, along with a cardboard cut-out of The Grinch.

An expensive video camera was found by staff at the Reading M4 Eastbound Travelodge, along with an academic gown and randomly, a brand new rowing machine was discovered at the Reading Whitley branch.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokesperson said: "When it comes to why so many customers forget their treasured items; there is one common theme and that is living in a fast and furious world.

"Time is of the essence especially when getting from A to B so valuable possessions are easily forgotten."

Data during the last 12 months revealed some more of the most interesting things left behind 557 Travelodge UK hotels.

One person left their blue eyed cockatoo called Brexit behind while staying at Brighton Seafront Travelodge and another pet owner left her two Persian cats called Moet and Chandon in their Swindon Central hotel room after they won best in show at a competition.

Other unique items found was Josephs Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, cheerleading pom poms and a Meghan Markle replica wedding dress left behind from an American royalist.

Shakila added: "With nearly 19 million customers annually staying at our 557 UK hotels for a variety of reasons, we do get a range of fascinating items left behind."

The most common items that hotel goers tend to forget are electronics chargers, mobile phones, business papers, teddy bears, toiletry bags, pyjamas and even drones.

If goods are not claimed within three months, then it is donated to the local British Heart Foundation charity shops.