FRUSTRATED commuters were left facing delays to get back into work after the Christmas break on the morning of the latest hike in rail fares.

Labour councillors from across Reading were out in full force on January 2 to campaign against the increase in prices.

When members arrived at Tilehurst, they were met with dozens of unhappy passengers, who were unable to purchase tickets to get to work on time.

Rachel Eden, Labour candidate for Reading West, was at Theale reminding rail users what she and her colleagues were doing to campaign against the rise.

She said: "There have been problems with a lack of facilities at Tilehurst for a while and the ticket office was closed, so people were queuing to get their tickets sorted.

"We were there to raise awareness for our policy to get the railways back into public ownership.

"A lot of commuters are really fed up. Over the last few years, rail fares have gone up two and a half times as fast as wages.

Reading Chronicle:

"It is just squeezing people who are just trying to get to work."

Labour held a national rail campaign day on January 2 to mark the latest fares increase.

Rail fares have risen by 36 per cent since 2010 and the average commuter will now be paying £2,980 for their season ticket.

This is £786 more than in 201 and some customers are paying over £2,850 more to travel to work than in 2010.

Coupled with delays to services and the frustration of January 2, Labour politicians found it easy to rally support from passengers for their campaign.

This includes longstanding calls to improve access at Tilehurst, particularly for elderly and disabled people.

Cllr Eden added: "People are really fed up of the poor service and having to pay more.

"Glenn Dennis has been campaigning to get better access at Tilehurst. This is not just about people with disabilities, but also people with young children and people who have shopping."