A CARE home has been sold following a wave of concerns about the impact on residents.

The old site of Liberty of Early House was handed over to Reading Almshouse in December.

Some families were very concerned about the decision to sell the care home and feared what it would mean for their parents.

However, leaders at the Earley Charity believe they have secured a good deal.

Bob Ames, chair of the charity, said: "We are pleased to confirm that by agreeing the sale of Liberty of Earley House in this way, the Earley Charity has achieved the objectives which it set itself when the process of closing our residential care home began.

"The future of Liberty of Earley House itself, which remains a lovely building in a lovely setting, is assured.

"An appropriate use has been found for the property, provided by another local charity.

"A fair and reasonable price has been agreed, which will allow the Earley Charity to expand its local charitable activities in the future."

The residential care home had seen a steady decline in the number of enquiries since 2016, which led to an increase in the number of empty flats.

Some families believe the decline in uptake was down to poor marketing, but trustees of the Earley Charity insist all available channels were utilised.

Reading Almshouse provide accommodation for people in need in the community who are capable of independent living.

Peter Webb, chairman of Reading Almshouse, added: “We are delighted to have reached an agreement with the Earley Charity.

"We are a well-respected and long standing local charity with an excellent track record.

"We take pride in providing good quality and affordable accommodation for local people in need, and who are capable of independent living.

"We intend to repurpose the building to add to our existing facilities and we will be bringing the building back into full occupation as soon as possible.”